Upcoming Events

Used Cooking Oil Recycling
Nov. 24 & 25
Quail Street Recycling Center
1068 Quail St.

Holiday Lights Recycling
Nov. 23-Jan. 20 
Quail Street Recycling Center
1068 Quail St.

I Love This!!!! Sweeper brooms repurposed

Ever wondered what happens to the sweeper brooms from Lakewood’s street sweeping trucks? Watch and find out how their reuse can be quite pleasing.

Federal Center wildlife is buzzing
You might not think of the Federal Center as a place that draws a lot of wildlife, but new residents to the Federal Center will have the area buzzing, quite literally. By late June, local resident and beekeeper Doug Rush will bring six colonies of bees to an area between McIntyre Gulch and Alameda Avenue. Read about this in the latest Federal Center e-newsletter.

Share your thoughts on trash
collection in Lakewood!

We hear a lot about the residential trash collection system in Lakewood. Now we want to know what you think! The LakewoodRound Table is an invitation for you to join the conversation.
Lakewood currently has an “open subscription” trash collection system, which means single-family homeowners, town-home residents and homeowner associations in Lakewood sign up for trash collection services through any of the private companies that are licensed to collect trash in Lakewood. The City requires haulers to license annually, but does not regulate services, scheduling or costs.
At first glance, trash collection seems like a straight-forward topic, but a closer look reveals a range of complex issues, impacts and trade-offs. Communities in the area wrestle with a number of issues when assessing trash collection programs:

  • How do the prices for trash collection compare to similar communities?

  • What are the environmental impacts of the system?

  • What is the quality of service provided to residents?

  • Is recycling provided? What about curbside organic compost collection?

  • Are additional services available such as large-item or leaf collection?

  • Is there sufficient competition between companies to keep rates from escalating?

Let us know how you think the current system is working, or provide us your ideas for how to improve the system. Your opinions and ideas will enable Lakewood to make informed policy and program decisions about a system that affects everyone living in Lakewood. Learn more, take a survey, add suggestions to the Round Table online community idea board, and more at Lakewoodtogether.org/Lakewood-Roundtable. If you have questions, you can post them anytime or join LakewoodSustainability staff from noon to 3 p.m. on Thursdays for a live chat.
Throughout the summer Lakewood Sustainability staff will also be at markets, concerts, softball games, parks and more to gather information from you. Just look for the Round Table minivan or pop-up tent and come with your questions, opinions and ideas!

Follow the watering rules
Water is always a limited, precious resource in semi-arid Colorado. Conserving water not only saves you money, it's just the right thing to do. Denver Water sells water to nearly 20 water providers within Lakewood that serve more than 143,000 residents. These providers generally follow Denver Water’s watering rules, so check them out.