Parks and Open Spaces

Holbrook Park           810 Garrison Street

James J Richey Park   1301 Carr Street

Sunset Park        10500 W. 12th Avenue

Nearby Facilities

Charles E. Whitlock Recreation Center    1555 Dover Street           303-987-4800

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Nearby Schools

Jefferson County Open School               7655 W 10th Avenue   303-982-7045

Lakewood High School                 9700 W 8th Avenue              303-982-7096

Eiber Elementary                   1385 Independence Street           303-982-6406

Nearby Churches

Mountair Christian Church      1390 Benton Street                  303-237-5526    

St. Paul's Episcopal Church      9200 W 10th Avenue             303-233-4991

First Presbyterian                8210 W 10th Avenue           303-237-0707

Saint Benedicts             1100 Upham Street            303-237-0401

Lakewood United Methodists Church     1390 Brentwood Street      303-237-7768

Holy Shepard Lutheran Church          920 Kipling Street         303-233-2740

Bethel Biblical                 9785 W 9th Avenue         303-445-9391

New Life in Christ Church     1380 Ammons Street         303-237-9519    |/ammenities/